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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Homemade sand

The other day we were taking a walk in a wicked rain and found this adorable crocodile in a gutter.  Well, we couldn't just leave him there.  He came home with us.  We were going to make posters "Crocodile found.  Adorable and friendly," but never got around to it.  The least we could do for him is to build him a nice, cozy home.   I didn't know it's going to turn into hours of fun for my kids! 

If you want to create a similar experience for your kids started with home made sand.   Much easier to clean than the real sand.  And it has an amazingly pleasant texture.  We can not stop touching it! 

5 cups flour mixed with one cup vegetable oil.  

Then we added an assortment of stones and seashells.  The frogs were found at the Nature Museum gift store.  The little plastic cup has water tinted with blue food coloring.  The beach ball was bought for five cents at a garage sale many years ago.   The flowers add a nice touch, don't they?