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Friday, October 25, 2013

Seashells and Buttons Art

It was two years ago that we went to Florida and brought back a heavy pile of seashells.  I said that we will do something cool with them and then forgot all about it.  I was at the Home Depot the other day - just passing through foam insulation aisle at a leisurely pace with all the kids in tow - when I suddenly remembered the seashells.  (Of course, who doesn't think of seashells in insulation aisles of Home Depot).  My epiphany was: We could glue seashells to the foam!  And how about some tempura paint in the glue to make it shiny and bright.  And some sand to hold it together.  And that's how we came home with a car full of insulation foam (turned out they only sell it in bulk).  I see lots of projects with insulation foam in our future.

Glue, tempura paint, sand, and insulation foam.  Guess what color Boy picked for the project.  Hint: it's the color of Lightning McQueen
Here Boy is mixing glue, paint and sand in a plastic take-away container.  If you ever thought of mixing sand into your ice-cream just to play with textures, this is as close as you can get to that dream.  Of course, you could actually put sand into your ice-cream... just don't ask me to taste it.
Spreading the paste on a foam with a plastic spoon.
And now pressing seashells and buttons in
Did I mention the glitter?  Add generously!
Here is how it looked when Boy was done and before we transferred it to a clean plate.

The Button Box by Margarette Reid is the book we read with this project.  Be prepared to spend lots of hours playing with buttons.